The Green Valley Lodge No. 603  I.O.O.F. had its beginnings at Foote, Iowa in 1892.

Organized At Foote, Iowa County by Men from Hinkletown and Green Valley.
Met at Masonic Hall at Foote.  Merged with North English in 1920s.


The Green Valley Lodge # 603, I.O.O.F., had its beginnings at Foote in 1892, with all of its thirteen charter members bearing addresses of Foote Post Office and residing in the Hinkletown and Green Valley vicinity. 

 Original lodge records for the Foote/Green Valley I.O.O.F. were found with the collection of artifacts and records of the North English Lodge in the 2nd floor of the I.O.O.F. building at 103 S. Main St., for many years owned by the Evans family and operated first as Evans Photography and later as the Lifetouch Photo Studio.  The North English I.O.O.F. met in the 2nd floor of the building.  The records of both lodges are being preserved at the English Valleys History Center, 108 N. Main St., North English.    The memorabilia consists of ritualistic trappings including robes, masks, flags and banners, tools, props for reenacting rituals, the original charter, membership and treasurers records of Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodges for Green Valley and North English.   The Green Valley and North English Odd Fellows Lodges merged around 1925, thus the Green Valley records and artifacts of Green Valley Lodge were removed to North English at that time.

AT LEFT:  Historic robes and memorabilia from Green Valley and North English I.O.O.F. lodges that combined in the 1920s.  On permanent display at English Valleys History Center, North English, Iowa.

The record book, Signatures to Constitution, January 1895, contains the following thirteen names as Charter Members, all residence Foote, Iowa:

J. B. Lloyd                  Age 28                       J.P. McDowell           Age 53

E. L. Hall                     Age 43                       E. Patterson               Age 40

A. E. Walton               Age 37                       W.W. Davisson         Age 29

A. Moffit                      Age 37                       C.L. Dillon                  Age 43

Ed Lamoraux             Age 38                       C. S. Long                  Age 25

J. F. Burkett               Age 34                       S. E. Berry                 Age 28

J.J. Maule                   Age 29                      

The first treasurer’s book of dues collected for each member begins with September 11, 1894.  In addition to the names above, the following members appear to have been initiated with the Charter Members:

L. G. Huffman                                                 D. R. Wade

G.W. Patterson          Age 33                       Wm. G. Oldaker        Age 29

A. E. Winslow                                                E. Berry

J. D. Miller                                                     

 The following were initiated November 15, 1894 and January 17, 1895:

 John B. Chapman     Age 35                       G.W. Long                  Age 29

William Hall                Age 29                       Jacob Chapman       Age 25

Edward F. McArtor   Age 36                       J.M. Oldaker              Age 58

J.H.P Miller                                                   

The following were initiated March 26, 1896:

Theodore Zilmer        Age 21                       Alphens Walton         Age 32                      

 The following were initiated April 30, 1896:

 Hugh Moffit                 Age 49                       Alonzo Wade             Age 44

D. S. Netser               Age 28                       Edward Maule          

Amos Ryan                Age 37                       Charles H. McArtor   Age 57

Fred Ruegsegger     Age 22                       D. C. Dixon

John L. Powell

Maps showing Hinkletown, Foote Post Office and proximity to the English River, and the village of Green Valley, 1874.  The Odd Fellows began meeting in the Masonic Hall at Green Valley (right), east of Hinkletown, over the general store at Green Valley, located on the English River (see Green Valley Mill on map to right.)   By the time the Odd Fellows organized in 1892, the Foote Post Office had also moved to Green Valley.


During the late1890s, the popularity of lodges at Hinkletown and Green Valley grew sufficiently to begin to draw membership from outside of the Foote Post Office area, and included Greene Center in Greene Township, Lime Creek Township in Washington Township, and Liberty Township, Keokuk County.  Members initiated into the Green Valley Lodge between 1897 and 1900 include:

 Lewis Jones                                                  S.K. Johnson             Age 35

Nick Schnegg            Age 36                       John W. Lefever        Age 39

C. J. Cover                 Age 29                       J.K. Cover                  Age 37

Fred O. Chapman     Age 44                       Orin Long                   Age 31

J. A. Ogle                   Age 45                       W.E. Wade                Age 36

W.W. Dowis               Age 41                       Jess Ponchard          Age 35

Jess Hudson              Age 30                       Francis Wade            Age 32

A.W. Moore               Age 39                       Lincoln Miller              Age 35

Jess Hall                    Age 22                       C.W. Hall                    Age 39

Charles Hudson        Age 31                       Bert Popham             Age 25

Issac Maule                Age 29                       Thomas F. Hudson   Age 59

C.W. Carter               Age 40                       F. Yoder                     Age 65

 Members initiated 1900 – 1910 were as follows:

 George E. Powell      Age 28                       Joseph A. Powell      Age 26

Francis Yoder                                                J.M. Gillen

Jess Long                  Age 23                       James Aggson          Age 25

Henry Aggson            Age 33                       Elmer S. Long           Age 22

M.A. Gladwin             Age 48                       L. T. Kelly                   Age 45

V.M. Bell                     Age 22                       N.J. Bell                      Age 30

C.L. Hall                     Age 23                       Delmar Ash                Age 28

Dan Donahey                                                John Chapman

Roy Clingan                                                   John Godbur

 Members initiated 1911 – 1920 were as follows:

 James D. Morrison                                       R.R. Grimm

Ed Wade                                                        Glenn Bucher

Ray Jordan                                                    Arthur Husted

Bruce J. Patterson                                        Wilson K. Plecker

L. G. Huffman                                     Ray Moffit

R. G. McDowell                                             Thomas B. McDowell

W. S. Moffit                Age 31                       L. A. Moffit                  Age 35

Steve Carter              Age 42                       Harrison Wade          Age 25

G. L. Ruegsegger     Age 40                       M. E. Hall                    Age 24

Bert  M. Kilday           Age 29                       Edward Vesely          Age 30

Clarence Humphrey Age 35                        W. F. Wade               Age 42

C. E. Long                  Age 21                       H. C. Wells                 Age 25

  We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, agree to abide by the Constitution of Subordinate Lodges as adopted by the Grand Lodge of this Jurisdiction, as it now is or may be hereafter legally amended, and to yield obedience to the Lows of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The complete list of names from the Book of Signatures to the Constitution, by date of admission are as follows (dates and notes may vary from records above):

 DATE             NAME                         AGE                RESIDENCE             NOTES

 1/6/1895         J.R. Lloyd                   28                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         J.P. McDowell           53                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         E.L. Hall                      43                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         E. Patterson               40                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         A.E. Walton                37                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         W.W. Davisson         29                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         A. Moffit                      37                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         C.L. Dillon                  43                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         Ed Lamoreaux           38                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         C.S. Long                   25                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         J.F. Burkett                34                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         S.E. Berry                  28                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         J.J. Maule                   29                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         J.M. Oldaker              58                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         J. B. Chapman          35                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         G.W. Patterson          33                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         W.G. Oldaker 34                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         G.W. Long                  29                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         William Hall                29                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         Jacob Chapman       25                    Foote                          Charter

1/6/1895         Edward F. McArtor   36                    Foote                          Charter

4/2/1896         Theodore Zillmer       21                    Foote                          Initiated

4/2/1896         Alphonz Walton         32                    Foote                          Initiated

4/30/1896      Hugh Moffit                 49                    Foote                          Initiated

4/30/1896      Alonzo Wade             44                    Foote                          Initiated

4/30/1896      D.S. Netser                28                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

4/30/1896      E. Maule                     None               Greene Twp.              Initiated

4/30/1896      Amos Ryan                37                    Keokuk Co.                Initiated

4/30/1896      Charles H. McArtor   57                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

4/30/1896      Fred Ruegsegger     22                    Green Center             Initiated

4/30/1896      D.C. Dixon                 None               None                           Initiated

4/30/1896      John L. Powell           None               Green Center             Initiated

2/13/1897      Lewis Jones              None               Greene Twp.              Initiated

8/14/1897      S.K. Johnson             35                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

3/19/1898      Nick Shnegg              36                    Lime Creek Twp.      Initiated

3/19/1898      John W. Lefever        39                    Lime Creek Twp.      Initiated

4/23/1898      C.J. Cover                  29                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

5/07/1898      J.K. Cover                  37                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

8/10/1898      Fred O. Chapman     44                    Fillmore Twp.             By Card

12/10/1898    Oren Long                  31                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

12/31/1898    J.A. Ogle                    45                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

1/07/1899      W.E. Wade                36                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

1/14/1899      W.W. Dowis               41                    Iowa County               Initiated

1/14/1899      Jess Ponchaud         35                    Iowa County               Initiated

1/14/1899      Jess Hudson              30                    Iowa County               Initiated

1/14/1899      Francis Wade            32                    Iowa County               Initiated

3/04/1899      A.W. Moore               39                    Iowa County               Initiated

3/04/1899      Lincoln Miller              35                    Iowa County               Initiated

3/11/1899      Jess Hall                    22                    Iowa County               Initiated

3/18/1899      C.W. Hall                    39                    Iowa County               Initiated

3/18/1899      Charles Hudson        31                    Keokuk County          Initiated

4/01/1899      Bert Popham             25                    Iowa County               Initiated

4/08/1899      J. Maule                      29                    Iowa County               Initiated

4/08/1899      T.F. Hudson               59                    Iowa County               Initiated

5/08/1899      C.W. Carter               40                    Iowa County               Initiated

8/31/1899      F. Yoder                     65                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

8/31/1899      George E. Powell      28                    Farming                      Initiated

8/31/1899      Joseph A. Powell      26                    Farming                      Initiated

8/31/1899      Francis Yoder            None               Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

10/5/1899      J.M. Gillen                  None               Greene Twp.              Initiated

2/15/1902      Jess Long                  23                    Foote                          Initiated

2/15/1902      James Aggson          25                    Foote                          Initiated

2/15/1902      Henry Aggson            33                    Foote                          Initiated

11/11/1905    E.S. Long                   22                    Foote                          Initiated

11/25/1905    M.A. Gladwin             48                    Foote                          Initiated

12/30/1905    J.J. Kelley                   45                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

2/17/1906      V.M. Bell                     22                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

3/10/1906      N.J. Bell                      30                    Washington                By Card

3/17/1906      C.L. Hall                     23                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

8/24/1907      Dellmar Ash               28                    Foote                          Initiated

8/09/1908      Dan Donahey            None               Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

8/22/1908      John Chapman          None               Fillmore Twp.            Initiated

9/19/1908      Roy Clingan               None               Washington Co.        Initiated

2/25/1911      James D. Morrison   None               Washington Co.        Initiated

12/14/1912    R.R. Grimm                None               North English             Initiated

12/14/1912    Ed Wade                    None               North English             Initiated

12/21/1912    Glenn Bucher None               North English                         Initiated

12/21/1912    Ray Jordan                None               Parnell                        Initiated

1/04/1913      Art Husted                  None               Green Valley              Initiated

1/04/1913      B.J. Patterson            None               Wellman                     Initiated

1/11/1913      W.K. Plecker             None               North English             Initiated

1/18/1913      L.G. Huffman              None               Parnell                        Initiated

1/25/1913      Ray Moffit                   None               North English             Initiated

8/16/1913      R.G. McDowell          None               North English              Initiated

11/15/1913    T.B. McDowell           None               North English             Initiated

3/02/1918      W.S. Moffit                 31                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

3/08/1918      L.A. Moffit                   35                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

3/08/1918      Steve Carter              42                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

3/22/1918      Harrison Wade          25                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

3/22/1918      G.L. Ruegsegger      40                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

5/24/1919      M.E. Hall                     24                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

4/10/1920      B.M. Kilday                29                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

4/10/1920      Edward Vesely          30                    Fillmore Twp.             Initiated

10/2/1920      Clarence Humphrey  35                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

10/16/1920    W.F. Wade                42                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

10/16/1920    C.E. Long                   21                    Greene Twp.              Initiated

10/16/1920    H.E. Wells                  25                    North English             By Card

 When the Odd Fellows organized at Foote in 1892, they did not have a lodge hall to hold meetings.  They approached the members of the Masonic Lodge at Foote, then meeting at Green Valley, Greene Township, approximately one and one half miles east of Hinkletown.   The request was made to rent space in the Masonic Hall to hold Independent Order of Odd Fellows meetings.  The following excerpt of minutes of the Farmers Lodge # 168, A.F. & A. M., indicates that the two lodges began meeting in the same hall at Green Valley, and that the relationship appeared to be one of “on again – off again” over the seven years the Odd Fellows met in the Masonic Hall:

 May 19, 1892:  The committee rented Farmers Lodge to the Odd Fellows.  Was to report again.  Sherman Aggson, Sectretary.

 June 11, 1892:  Lodge vote on rent the Lodge to the Odd Fellows.  Vote, three white balls and four black balls.   Sherman Aggson, Secretary.

August 18, 1894:   The business of renting the Lodge comes on.  Brother Aggson makes motion to reject the communication for renting the Lodge room to the Odd Fellows.  Brother C.W. Hall makes a motion to accept the communication and seconded by L.R. Moffit.  Motion by Brother Ed Maule that the Farmers Lodge # 168 rents the Lodge room to the Odd Fellows for the sum of $1.00 for each meeting and seconded by Brother C.F. Lytle.  Motion prevailed.

Account of Brother John Aggson for oil, coal, and lamp flue.  Bill was allowed amount $7.00.  The Odd Fellows to furnish their own lites and fuel, desks, etc.  C.F. Lytle, Secretary Pro Tem.

 April 1, 1899:  The proposition for the consideration of the Lodge, to sell same to Mr. Brown and either go into partnership with the Odd Fellows, in building a hall at Green Valley, or consolidation with North English.    H.W. Oldaker, Secretary.

 September 15, 1900:  Proposition to remove Farmers Lodge to Kinross, Iowa, by Brothers Van Kirk and Lytle of Kinross, Iowa.  Secretary ordered by W.M. to notify absent Brothers to appear at the regular meeting October 13th to consider the same.  H.W. Oldaker, Secretary.

 October 13, 1900:  Remarks on moving the Lodge to Kinross by Brothers John Vankirk ,  C.F. Lytle and C.W. Hall.  Motion made to ballot on the proposition of moving the hall for the purpose of getting the opinion of members, by H.W. Oldaker, second by E.E. Moffit.  Ballot spread. Result six for, to six against.   H.W. Oldaker, Secretary.

 January 5, 1901:  The question was put before the members, shall the Lodge be moved to Kinross.  All in favor write “yes” on your ballots.  Contrary, “no.”  Result – Eight (8) Yes.  Unanimous carried.   H.W. Oldaker presented bill for postage and writing paper 40 cents allowed.  E.E. Moffit and Henry Aggson was appointed committee to confer with Mr. Brown in regard to buying or selling building.  M.J. Chandler, Secretary.

 June 8, 1901:  Communication from the Grand Master read declaring the said Farmers Lodge #168 of Foote, Iowa removed to Kinross, Iowa.  Also communications from Brother J.F. Baughman of North English asking to be reinstated.  The following brethren handed in petitions for membership, C.F. Lytle of Napthalia Lodge #188, D. McDowell, Napthalia Lodge #188, H.T. Dildine of Adelphia Lodge #353, F.E. Kerr of Triangular Lodge #245, John M. Vankirk of Lodge #96.  H.T. Dildine in his liberality gave the fraternity the use of his half of the Hall till January 1 free. 

Interestingly, there were men who shared memberships in both the Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodge at Foote.   When the Masons decided to move the Farmers Lodge # 168 to Kinross, Keokuk County, in 1901 in order to be closer to its population base, additional Masonic Lodge members who chose to remain at Green Valley joined the Odd Fellows Lodge. 

 Copyright 2008, English Valleys History Center and Farmers Lodge # 168.  Information compiled and written by David B. Jackson.

Display of Odd Fellows Robes and memorabilia at English Valleys History Center.

Above:  1800s letterhead from Odd Fellows Lodge # 325, North English, Iowa.  The Green Valley Lodge Lodge # 603 merged with the North English Lodge in the 1920s.

Below: The Schools at Hinkletown that educated the lodge members for the future.

The second Hickory Ridge Schoolhouse at Hinkletown was built about 1874. This photo was taken approximately 1899 - 1901.  The first school was a log cabin built by early settlers in the summer of 1849 and was documented by Jeremiah M. Suiter and brother Mordecai Suiter, settlers of 1846.  The first school was called Hickory Grove, and was built on a hill just west of Hinkletown.    Several students who attended this school became members of the Oddfellows or Masonic lodges at Foote, Iowa.


The third Hickory Ridge Schoolhouse at Hinkletown was built in 1906.  This photo was taken on July 4, 1907.  Teacher - Nellie Kernan, Photographer - V. L. Berryhill. 



Copyright 2007 -, Farmers Lodge # 168, English Valleys History Center, North English, IA,  and Historic Photo Archives, Klemme, Iowa

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