A Blast from the Past.

In September 2008, a visibly aged piece of lined paper was found in a desk drawer in North English.  It was folded in quarters, and on the outside reads:  "Just a little Brainstorm I had of the past.  I thought it would amuse you.  I know the years are gone, but memory lingers on."  - Lucy Hudson Whitmore


A Stroll in Memory – Lucy Hudson Whitmore


I went for a stroll,

Down memory lane today,

There was joy and sunshine,

All along the way.


I met some friends,

I once did know,

In those happy days,

Of long ago.


We strolled along together,

To the little country store,

Of course I know in reality,

Isn’t there no more.


I was thinking of the parties,

And the fun we had back then,

How we laughed and teased each other,

Can’t be told by poem or pen.


Now I see my dear Dad and Mother,

In that home just o’er the hill,

Where sometimes at night,

We’d sit and listen to the call of the whippoorwill.


Sister and I would walk in the pasture,

And drive the cows back home,

All the world seemed then like heaven,

With wild flowers all in bloom.


I know there will never be,

Though I travel all around,

Another place I love so well,

As dear old Hinkletown.


Old age is upon us,

Our songs have all been sung,

But we can keep on dreaming,

Of the days when we were young.


When death’s angel draws the curtain down,

With the passing of the years,

And we enter that home above,

Where there’s no more sorrow or tears.


Perhaps the Heavenly Father,

Will let us have a share,

And we can have a Hinkletown,

When we meet again up there.



Here's a special treat:  Hickory Ridge School at Hinkletown, July 4, 1907, Nellie Kernan, teacher.  The new school, built in 1906,  was acclaimed as the best country schoolhouse in Iowa County.  This was the third schoolhouse built at Hinkletown.   The first was a log cabin, measuring 16' X 18', built in July 1849, one of the first schools in the county.

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