July 9, 2009:  Discovery in the Shenandoah Valley

Photograph of cabinet drawer bottom, Courtesy of Newtown History Center, Stephens City, Virginia.

Iowa County Civil War Soldier Left his Mark in the Shenandoah Valley        

Jerome Palmer enlisted in Company B, 28th Iowa Infantry on July 24, 1862 and served in the Civil War for three years.  He was promoted to company fifer on April 6, 1863, and was in battle with the flag (below).  He mustered out at Savannah, Georgia on July 31, 1865, and returned to the Foote area, working with Harmon Henkle and Franklin Pettibone, at Hinkletown, Foote P.O.  He married Pettibone's daughter Mary Ann.


A recent discovery in the scenic Shenandoah Valley has our Civil War buffs very excited.  Staff at the Newtown History CenterStephens City, Virginia found an inscription and set of sketches on the bottom of an old store cabinet drawer, left in 1864 by a soldier of Company B, 28th Iowa Volunteer Infantry.  The flag of this company and regiment is displayed at the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum at Cedar Rapids. 

 During July to October, 1864, in the heat of the famous Shenandoah Valley campaign, the Iowa Regiments under General Phillip Sheridan became well-known nationally for their bravery on the battlefields up and down that valley.  They took control of a town named Newtown near the great battle of Winchester.  Staying over at the Allemong Store in Newtown, Jerome Palmer of Co. B., 28th Iowa Volunteers, took out a wareroom cabinet drawer, turned it over and made his Civil War sketches on the wood.   In addition to his name, company and regimental information, the sketches include a large "Union" inscription, the flag, a pile of cannonballs, pistol and bayonet.   Palmer was the fifer for the unit.

After the war, Palmer returned to the Hinkletown (Foote Post Office) area, and married Mary Pettibone of Fillmore Township.  Palmer became a business associate of his father-in-law, Franklin Pettibone, and Harmon Henkle, who were operating the sawmill and one of four general stores at Hinkletown.  Palmer also joined the Farmers Masonic Lodge  #168 at Foote. Three of the four general stores were operated by returned veterans of the Civil War and all were members of the Farmers Lodge.  When the town of Keota started around the new railroad depot in 1872, Henkle and many of his business associates, including Jerome Palmer,  moved from Hinkletown to start the businesses in Keota.   Palmer and Henkle built the new Pioneer General Store of Henkle & Littler in the snow and ice in February 1872, making it the first store at Keota.  Acting on Henkle's advice, Palmer then built and opened the first hardware store at Keota.   They also helped charter the Adelphi Lodge #353 at Keota in 1875. 

Courtesy of the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Flag from Company B, 28th Iowa Infantry, hand sewn by the ladies of Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa, was carried by into battles by Company B and bears the artillery shots and blood stains of one of its carriers.  The large flag is now preserved at the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Courtesy of Newtown History Center, Stephens City, Virginia.

Photo of the old store where Palmer inscribed his company and regimental information along with his creative sketches of Union memorabilia. The store was owned by John Allemong during the Civil War.

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