Saint Patrick's Church at Little Creek - The Ancient Order of Hibernians

The Ancient Order of Hibernians at Saint Patrick's Church at Little Creek - Hinkletown, Liberty Township.

   Brief History of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

As the oldest Catholic lay organization in America, the Ancient Order of Hibernians has a rich history reaching back to the sixteenth century Ireland of protecting land and religious heritage.  Officially formed in New York in 1836, the Order quickly spread after several attacks on Irish and Church property.  Those Irish immigrants who had been members of the AOH in Ireland, banded together and formed an American branch of their Order. True to their purpose, they stood guard to defend Church property.  The early AOH in America remained a secret society, and little is known of its activities except that it provided a monetary stipend to immigrants who arrived as members in good standing from the Irish Order, and they assisted Irish immigrants in obtaining jobs and social services. The early AOH stood for the preservation of Irish culture and traditions in America.   

Having defended the Union during America's Civil War, it soon became unfashionable to be anti-Irish, the AOH grew stronger, following Irish immigrants as they worked their way across the country. As the need for militant support of their Church dwindled, the AOH shifted its purpose to charitable activities in support of the Church's missions, community service, and the promotion and preservation of their Irish cultural heritage in America. Today's AOH is not only the oldest Catholic Lay organization in America, but as the largest Irish society in the world with Divisions in Ireland, and 49 of the United States.  With its motto "Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity" the AOH in America is the most recent link in the evolution of this ancient society.

                                              -  Information condensed from author Mike McCormack, AOH National Historian 

  The Little Creek Ancient Order of Hibernians built a hall on the north side of Saint Patrick's Church, down at the foot of the hill.  As with the church, rectory and barn, this hall was removed many years ago. 





Ancestral Brigade

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