1st Degree in Bibs -  Farmers Lodge No. 168 A.F. & A.M.

2-For-1 in Bibs  -  August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010:  26 Masons representing over 10 unique lodges traveled to Farmers Lodge No. 168 at Kinross to help confer the 1st Degree on 2 candidates.   Farthest Lodge in attendance, Terre Haute No 19, Terre Haute, Indiana.  Closest Lodge in attendance:  Dayton Lodge No. 149, Wellman, Iowa.   This event also known as "2-FOR-1 in Bibs  (2 Candidates, First Degree in Bib Overalls)."   Bib overalls are the standard dress of Farmers Lodge, dating back as far as anyone can remember.   The Lodge opened in 1863 at the heart of the Civil War.  The first lodge was situated at Foote Post Office, Iowa County, Iowa, and moved to Kinross in 1901.

Eleven members of Farmers Lodge No. 168 A.F. & A.M. were in attendance, including the candidates.


Brothers Alan, Justin and Seth relax at dinner.

Brothers Dan, Steve and Junior before 1st.

FUN FACT:  Two members from Dayton Lodge at Wellman participated in the 2-For-1 in Bibs.   Dayton Lodge was petitioned by Farmers Lodge to start the new lodge in 1863.  Thanks to our Brothers at Dayton Lodge No. 149!

Taking a few minutes "at ease" between sections of degree work.  Steve and Junior in East.

There's a special bond in Masonry that brings Brothers together to understand the symbolism of life.

New Entered Apprentice speaks about his occupation and life experiences after degree work.

Farmers Lodge has a dress code of bib overalls, dating to the 19th Century.

Brothers Langford of Washington No. 26 and Ryan of Canopy No 290 in the East.

FUN FACT: The Nielsens of Springville No. 139 have been regular participants in Degree work at Farmers Lodge.

Brother Anderson assigns the cast for both candidates.

Farmers Lodge has tripled in membership over the past three years.  
Past Grand Master Mosier called it the "Poster Child for Iowa Masonry."





In 2006 Farmers Lodge was tied for smallest Lodge in the State.
In 2008 it rose out of the "Bottom Ten" list.  Today, it is proportionately the fastest growing lodge in the State! 

The youngest member of Farmers Lodge is 18.  The oldest active member is 94, and attends nearly every stated communication and all degree work!  The youngest three members collectively are still 17 years younger than the oldest member. 

Nearly every Grand Lodge Officer from the past four years has attended Farmers Lodge.  Every Grand Master from the past four years has attended Farmers Lodge.

Journal Entry of Grand Master Donald Mosier: "20 December 2007: Farmers Lodge, Kinross, 3rd Degree in Bib Overalls.  Farmers Lodge was near terminal just a year ago.  But they have increased their membership by more than 50% in a year. Let's see somebody top that one.  They have a tradition of wearing bib overalls for degree work.  I promised last summer that if invited, the Grand Officers would come to do a degree in bibs.  They did.  We did.  It was a lot of fun.  We should do this sort of thing more often."

Current and Past Grand Masters have attended every level of Degree work since 2007.

Sitting in the South.  
 Newest Masons receive the Enlightenment Course in Entered Apprentice.

At Farmers Lodge, any style or brand of bib overalls is acceptable.

Farmers Lodge meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in Kinross.

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